One Year Anniversary (Part 2)

Part 2 of this video showcases the corals.  It was filmed under 20,000K lighting so those colors really pop, and I discuss a few husbandry practices.


One Year Anniversary (Part 1)

To make the day special, I took some time to document the system and explain the gear I use to keep the 400g healthy and thriving.

The Walkboard

Designing the steel stand for the new 400g, i knew I'd want a full length walkboard, allowing me to work anywhere in the tank comfortably.

Day 180: Six month video update

Check out the 60g Anemone Cube and the 400g reef, as well as a few moments of the sump area.

Video Tour of the 400g Setup

Unnarrated filming of my 400g set up,  showcasing everything from the light rack to the refugium, helping you visualize where everything fits together.  I shot this with my iPhone 4 prior to a trip, allowing me to share the video with others during my travels.

8 Guys & an Aquarium

It's a lot of work moving a 400g glass aquarium into position on the waiting steel stand.  Gathering up a group of friends for the occasion isn't easy either.  Thanks to a lot of muscle, we were able to get it into place.  Here's the raw, un-cut video of the process.  I'm still sore thinking about it.  We could have used two more helpers that evening.