Eheim & APEX Auto-Feeder Chimney

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Eheim Auto Feeder Chimney
Eheim Auto Feeder ChimneyEheim Auto Feeder ChimneyOriginally made with black acrylic - prototypeOriginally made with black acrylic - prototype

The Eheim Autofeeder is great at adding a specific amount of fishfood to your tank once or more per day, but the food often lands on the surface and heads straight to the overflow to go down the drain.  Instead of wasting food, I made the Eheim Chimney.  The acrylic chimney is reef-safe and penetrates the surface water about 1/2" to make sure the food stays in one spot until it has time to soak, which then allows it to drizzle down into your tank for the fish to consume.  Zero waste - every dose of food feeds your fish.

I recommend connecting the Eheim Autofeeder to the acrylic bracket with Velcro(TM) strips, then affix the bracket to your tank's centerbrace or corner trim with more Velcro(TM).  The adhesive hook & loop tape will keep the autofeeder dry and prevent it being knocked into the water accidentally.  You can watch this brief clip of mine in action.

Customers have also told me that this exact chimney fits the APEX AFS perfectly as well. So it is a dual product. 

Melev's Tip: These brackets are made with clear acrylic and a black top piece.  Originally made with black, it did nothing beneficial and actually created a minor eye sore when viewing the tank.  As long as you remove and clean it monthly in vinegar solution, it will remain clear and reasonably invisible. I use one on both of my tanks to provide food multiple times a day.

Price: $18.00