Acrylic Floating Viewing Box

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Acrylic Floating Viewing Box
Acrylic Floating Viewing BoxAcrylic Floating Viewing Box

The "Floater" allows you to enjoy your
reef from above, whether you are working on a target area to erradicate
pests or simply want to observe your corals and livestock from the best
angle possible. 

The name is derived from what it does: it floats.

This little viewing box allows you to see the beautiful corals and
invertebrates in your tank. The base is clear, and the walls are black.
5" x 5" x 3" will fit almost any tank, including those nano systems.
It also comes in pretty handy when nuking aiptasia, because you can see
clearly where each one hides. Fabricated with feet to prevent
accidental scratches, the floater is a must-have for any hobbyist.  It's
a great gift too!

This box may be used for top down photography, but this one would be better.

Price: $25.00