Nov 2016

A custom fan tray

By: melev | Tags: fan bracket

While every fan tray I build is custom made to fit a particular sump, this one took more time and a little imagination to fit one customer's needs. This bracket will fit on a rimless sump, nestling down on the front wall and the inner partitian and stay there.


Nov 2016

All about the frags

By: melev | Tags: dosing rate, ceriths

Once the front viewing panel was scraped clean of film algae, the corals looked a lot better. While my arm was wet, I tried out some Aiptasia Rx today to see how well it would work.  Too bad the peppermint shrimp in the tank don't do what I hired them to do.


Nov 2016

A rainy day over the reef

By: melev | Tags: waste collector

Today's club meeting was at Oceans Avenue, and they did a fragging demo workshop for the club members and customers. As we watched, they cut various corals and then used glue to mount them to frag plugs. A grill was out back, providing burgers, hot dogs or chicken to everyone.