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While visiting fish stores during my travels, I'm always looking for that special something. This anemone's huge bubbles was just the thing that day. And these clowns loved their home... who could blame them?  That BTA is awesome, the striations mesmerizing! 

The Coco Worm is one fancy featherduster. It's tube is a calcified shell that the worm retreats within when spooked, and that colorful crown is what it uses to trap foods. I saw this during a tank tour in Dallas.

Bubble Tip Anemones are so pretty, especially when it's on display like this one. I spotted this Rose BTA in a hobbyist's reef in Austin during one of my trips.

Lionfish always have a majestic presence, but in recent years their proliferation in non-native waters has put them on the undesirables list. It's a predator, eating anything that fits its ravenous jaws. 

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