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Model "J" Sump

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This sump is made with 3/8" acrylic and is a rimless sump.  Rimless provides greater access to the various areas, but it doesn't help keep saltcreep in the sump and off the woodwork of the stand.  

Dimensions: 40" x 14" x 16" (holds 34 gallons to the top)

The sump holds the ASM skimmer, a refugium, a LR zone, bubble trap & float switch to maintain the water level.


Sump Model-G EXTernal

  • model-g-ext

The Model "G" External (formerly the Model G-modified) is a sump that allows for an external pump.  If the sump isn't drilled, an internal pump can be used of course.  The skimmer section houses the protien skimmer and bubble tower, and the large refugium allows the hobbyist to see inside easily.  Water from both zones pours into the center area, and then flows behind the refugium zone to the external pump.

The benefit of this design is the increased linear travel time that avoids issues with microbubbles.


Custom Nano tank with False Wall

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After several years of building sumps, a potential customer asked me to build him a custom tank. My concern is always about the livestock and until then I'd never considered building a display system. He urged me to do it, not taking no for an answer. This was my first attempt.

He wanted the tank to have a black panel the full width of the tank to hide the plumbing leading to the sump and I wanted it to have an overall clean look.


Ordering a Sump

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You must make a series of decisions for your next sump order to meet your specific needs.  The following Q&A should help cover most points, but feel free to ask me for additional help via email if you wish.

Ordering a Sump

How large should the sump be?


What is a sump?

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A sump gives you greater control over your reef or fish-only display tank. The benefits far exceed the risks, and thus most successful aquariums you'll see utilize a sump. Some even incorporate a refugium as well. Here are the numerous benefits derived from incorporating a sump into your current setup:


Shipping a sump

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People ask if I'll build and ship a sump to their location, and I always forewarn them that is is very expensive. Here's why.

You've got this large acrylic vessel that has to get from Point A (Ft. Worth, Texas) to Point B (somewhere else in the U.S.)...



Triple Tiered Unit - 650-gallons total

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A local vendor contacted me about building a new system to hold livestock as it arrived. They drew up the plans, purchased the materials and started cutting up the pieces. When I arrived, my job was to show them how to assemble the parts successfully. The project came out great in the end, but a lot of things were learned along the way. The top two sections hold 200 gallons each, the bottom on holds 250 gallons.


LFS Sump

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This was a sump I built for a LFS near me. The challenge was making a sump big enough to hold water from about 20 tanks draining into it, and be able to handle a new shipment of livestock that arrives. All those bagged items quickly increase the total system volume.  And then throughout the day, water is taken as each piece of livestock is sold, dropping the total system volume.  

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