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Applying a black vinyl background

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The one thing I always recommend to anyone is to apply a background to their tank.  You can use a reef scene if you like, or a solid color. You can paint the back, you can build an interesting back-lit shadow box like a friend of mine, or you just use vinyl. The nice thing is it's inexpensive, easy to apply, and later it is just as easy to remove without any damage to your aquarium.


My Radion Schedule Programming

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Explaining the Radion schedule isn't that simple, unless there's some trick I'm not aware of. I've had quite a few people ask me for the schedule I use over the 60g Anemone Cube. Since November 2013, I've had a Radion Xr30 Gen2 over that tank. If you want to download that file, here it is: 

MelevsSavedRadionSchedule2015-12-08.etg  (right click, save as to your harddrive)

My light is set 8" from the surface of the water, hanging from ceiling with the adjustable hanging kit.


Hanging the Radion Gen2 Xr30 fixture

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With the 60g on the stand, leveled and positioned near the wall - I left a small gap behind the tank to avoid salt-creep damage to the sheetrock - I needed to determine where to hang the Radion LED fixture over the tank. Using a 4' level, I placed it across the tank and set the light fixture on top. This permitted measuring the fixture from all four sides to get it centered. Hence, I was able to ascertain the distance from the rear wall and the right wall precisely for the hanging kit (pictured above).

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