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That's surprising...

  • hidden-from-sight

Sometimes we may notice tiny pockets of air building up in the area where the sand touches the glass. Occasionally you'll see worms, or pods, or just an empty tiny cavern to peer at, but this time I saw something different. This is a typical view, captured with my iPhone:



What's a whelk?

What is the difference between a Whelk and a Nassarius snail? Here's an image below. The creature on the left is a Nassarius, the one on the right is a whelk. Btw, whelks get much larger, while Nassarius don't.

If you look at the texture of their snouts, there is a specific pattern tatooed onto the flesh of the Whelk. Also, the whelk has a protective shell on its tail that it uses to seal itself in its shell when in danger. This gives it a water tight seal.


New zoas; hunting pests still

  • yawningpseudoweb

I added a few new zoos from a local reefer's tank last night. Most of the zoanthids haven't opened up yet, for various reasons. Mostly because my hermit crabs are checking out the new guys and that causes the polyps to remain closed. Some very light pink ones have fallen off their perch twice, so I couldn't get a good picture of those either.

These are the prettiest ones of the ones I got, and they were open today.

New Zoanthids. They are the size of a pencil eraser or smaller.


Is this Mithrax crab a problem or not?

  • coltweb

I was amazed that I caught this guy last night. I was about to do a coral dip to save the coral, and who happened to be hanging out on the backside? ;)

I put him in a small dish trying to decide whether to listen to the advice of those that opposed this pretty guy, and he hung on the edge of the dish for at least 15 minutes out of water.

Finally I dropped him into my refugium for now.

In a dish: Black Mithrax crab

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