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My 400g, explained

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Each year, I like to do a video on the anniversary date of the reef.  Last month, my reef turned 9 years old (Nov 10, 2022).  By that, I mean the livestock has been in this glass aquarium for that duration. I filmed it from many angles, to make a nice video (linked at the base of this article).  I’ll describe my system and the associated gear while you enjoy some eye candy.


6 year Anniversary Video

  • 6year-thumb

My 400g reef and the 60g Anemone Cube turned six years old on November 10th. I hope you enjoy this up-to-date tour of where things stand for 2019, and give you a little insight into what makes it work. It's a mixed reef filled with corals and fish, and I try to let it grow naturally instead of constantly pruning corals.


50 months today: The 400g reef & the Anemone Cube

  • fts_Jan102018-hdr

It's been 1522 days, or exactly 50 months since the 400g was restarted. And it's really looking more beautiful each day.  I'm enjoying the open space above the corals, seeing how the acroporas have room to grow upward and the fish to swim. The reef is so colorful, and especially so when it's only lit with XHO lighting. I wish you could see it the way I see it because the camera just can't capture the beauty that the human eye can.  


How nice is this?

  • blue-rics-splitting

It's been five days since the reef was reset. I knew I'd need some time getting used to the new look of the reef. Duane begged me to turn on the 20,000K lighting Saturday evening because "your rock is so white!" under 10,000K lighting. Not surprising since it had about 60 lbs of corals shading it for the past couple of years, right?  After he was done gluing the last frags in place, I did flip over to 20,000K so he could see his handiwork.


Out with the old...

  • 400g-1200px_1

Last Saturday, Melev's Reef had a viewing party.  Locals were invited to watch the transformation of the 400g which was desparately in need of a major clean-out.  Corals had grown into massive colonies, completely shading whatever was beneath. Flow was obstructed, and the prettiest view was really only from above. Daily I saw the dead supporting skeleton holding up the living section above, and it was hard to 'like' my reef in that condition.

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