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Distichopora coral

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by Brad Ward

How often have you seen a spectacular colored specimen at a store. I mean, one that knocked your eyes out! Only to find out that it was considered a "Hard to Keep" coral that was shipped in by accident or through mis-identification. Or even worse, bought one of these corals and had it slowly diminish in health and melt away before your eyes.


Photo-documentary of a Bubble Tip Anemone splitting

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When an anemone is about to split, it's usually pretty obvious. It will elongate, stretching across one or more rocks. It will pull both directions, basically ripping itself in half.  When a BTA splits, it's even more important to maintain water quality parameters so the halves can heal properly. Anemones will need a few days to heal, sealing themselves and rebuilding the mouth area that is used to swallow food once more.


What does RTN look like?

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Some ask "What is RTN?" It is an acronym for Rapid Tissue Necrosis, which means the tissue is dying fast. Ever heard of 'flesh eating disease' on shows like ER? It has to be cut off quickly before it gets into your entire body. Acropora suffer from RTN, and it just happens seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

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