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We haven't had a picture blog in a while

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The weather today is cold and wet, so I decided to break out the macro lens and take a few pictures today. First off, here's the new frag I picked up a few days ago, a Montipora digitata. I decided to part it in a section of dead skeleton for now where I knew nothing would touch it.  I may have to move it so the Sebae doesn't tentacle it to death, but for now it looks great.



The green Toadstool leather coral is always polyped out, except when I clean the glass. Currently it measures just over 10" across.


This is a branch of the Lime In The Sky acropora I grow in my reef in a couple of spots. It looks a lot like "green slimer" but the "Limer" is green with a light-blue core.


This is a macro of about 1" of the Shadowcaster acropora that grows well in my reef.


Tiny dots on the glass the size of a sesame seed appear to be snail eggs. I recently added both Trochus and Nerite snails to my tank; I believe these are Trochus egg sacs.


Here's a section of the 24" wide hammer coral that spans my reef.


The Milka coral is growing too tall, and will require fragging soon since I can't see what's behind it.


And Drew's acropora is another popular coral in my reef.


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