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How about a few new pictures?

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I haven't blogged on my own website in what feels like "much too long" and tonight after getting back from dropping off shipments for my customers, I decided it was time to insert the walkboard, climb up upon it and take a few pictures of some corals from above.  My reef is looking so pretty day after day, and most of my updates seem to take place mostly on my youtube channel. Feel free to remind me to update things here, as there are times when it's nice to just read a quick update on the latest. Right?  Biggest recent change - I stopped dosing vodka this week because I was seeing a couple of areas on three corals turning white, and didn't want to push my luck. While nitrates did not come down, Phosphate did significantly.  Weird.

Here are some of the pictures I thought were good enough to share. This first picture shows three different montiporas that are sharing the same rock.  


I love these Blastos, which throw just the right color in the midst of a bunch of blue and purple. When I got this originally it was a pretty colony, but my Duncans or an acan decided to eat 80% of them.  They took a long long time to recover, but are looking stellar these days. Super nice from above, but visible from the front or back of my reef as well.


This montipora capricornis has blue polyps. You can barely make them out, even when you are looking for them.


Does this help? ;)  I have several types of montipora in my aquarium, with blue, orange, red polyps. It really is the tiny stuff that makes me happy.


Below is the Blueberry acropora. It started out as a single twig; this may be a tabling acropora.


Here is my Disney acropora. You can see hints of the famous coloration.



There are two colonies of this next acropora, which I call Drew's Acro. Here are a few pictures.  Sooo many polyps!




This acropora is mostly green, with bluish tips.


This colorful A. milleopora is really taking off in all directions, other than up.  It's in a shady spot, and is even overgrowing a green tort to the right... I guess I'm going to have to get my arm wet if I want to save it.


At the top of this blog, you saw the Oregon Tort. Here's a close up of some of the polyps, as well as the skin of the coral.


This pretty pink "bubblegum" (if I got that name right) chalice is in the back of my tank, and is a very slow grower.


I really didn't like this picture at all, but I wanted to document the coral's growth as of today. This is another blue tort, but not an Oregon Tort. I cleaned it up as best I could.


The Quad-color acropora has grown into a nice shape, and there's more of it to the lower left encrusted over the rock.


Here's my red acropora, which is only red under 10,000K lighting.  It's in the staghorn family.


And we will wrap up with a top down view of the Unknown Acro, which has taken on a vivid blue coloration. It's growing outwards rather than bushy, so it may be a tabling acropora as well. It needs a better spot, since that green montipora is shading it now. It's way down on the sandbed.


All these pictures were taken with a Nikon D90, using one of two different lenses. Post processing was done in Lightroom.

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