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Day 56

  • torch-0105

The 400g has been running with livestock for almost two months now.  I need to do better about updating this blog section (I've been blogging about my tank on Reef Addicts since 2010), so I'll endeavor to get those updates made here as well. Here are a few pictures taken today.

This A. millepora was purchased last month.  It's not very hairy during the daytime although I haven't seen any fish bothering it.



The blastos to the left are pretty, but the Montipora on the right is more interesting to me.  It has blue polyps and originated from Sea World San Antonio.



These two montiporas probably won't play well together, but are pretty right now.



The Red Planet has colored up beautifully.



The War Coral has been with me for years, and has finally been placed in the 400g where I can see it easily in front.


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