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Clean glass results in a few new pictures

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For the past few days, I've been watching the film algae grow on the glass of all my tanks and just wasn't motivated to clean it off.  My guilt grew worse as I imagined the fish were disgusted with these conditions and I swiped all the panes clean today. Within a couple of hours, my beautiful corals were visible again and of course the urge to take some pictures struck again.

Using a 50mm lens with the Nikon D90, I took a couple dozen shots and these were the ones I liked best. Once done, they were run through Lightroom for color correction and to remove the particulates speckling the images. 







I did my water testing yesterday, and shared them to instagram from ReefTrace. Here's a screenshot. As you'll notice, nitrates continue to be high but I'm hoping the Xport brick will kick in in a few weeks and start bringing them down. That's the test, to see if it works.




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