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Actinic pictures - Part 1

  • toadstool-actinics-hdr

Taking pictures when all you've got are blue LEDs shining can be frustrating. Bottom line, it's unlikely you can take and share them instantly. The best method is to load them into some photo-editing software, and do some color correction to share something pretty others would appreciate.  I took about 100 pictures over the past 24 hours, and these were the ones that I felt were the most worthy.  I used Lightroom for post-processing.




Anything that is green or orange will pop.  Orange, pinks and reds are good too.  Blue and brown will fade into darkness. In this next picture, by adjusting green to make that little acro visible, the pink of the monti in the lower left looks faded and unhealthy. That's part of the challenge of choosing your subject, and how you edit your pictures. If you masked the image and worked on different areas within a single shot, you could color correct everything but odds are the entire image would look overly fake, which I personally don't recommend.  Try to showcase your corals the way they look to your own eyes, and people will appreciate your integrity. The best compliment I ever get is "Your corals look just like your pictures."





That's it for tonight. More to come in 24 hours.

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