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Images taken from above

Topdown photography, or even simply viewing your tank from above, is highly underrated.

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Every so often I get motivated to take a few pictures of my reef from above.  Frankly, the best view is looking down into the aquarium from my perch on the walkboard. I took these pictures with my iPhone 12, using the Polyp Labs lenses in a Smartphone Floater.  

All the flow stays on, and I simply move the Floater to the desired location and take a picture. I didn't alter my lighting; this was just a spur of the moment decision meaning I don't know exactly where in the lighting spectrum the Sky lights were at the time. The XHOs were on.

This first picture (below) is the area of my reef I call the Coral Graveyard. Despite what the name sounds like, everything is quite alive.  All these corals are simply down on the sand, left to do what they want, semi-forgotten by me.  It behind the reef, only visible from the fishroom side, but best viewed from above. PAR in this area measures around 115. If I ever make some room on the rockwork, I'd be able to take some of these pieces and move them into a more visible location.

Coral graveyard

Front left corner of the 400g reef

This picture (above) is an area of my 400g reef that is visible, it's the lower left corner beneath the MP60 Vortech pump.

And here are a few more topdown shots. At this time, the corals have been under the Sky fixtures for 23 days.


Leather, Hammer, Sebae and Skunk

Milka coral

A few corals merging