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A few frag tank pictures from April

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As time goes by, corals grow in.  Even in a frag tank.  My little frag tank holds some special pieces for me, obtained by local hobbyists as well as local events.  I've been waiting for the new 400g to arrive, and the corals are crowding each other in anticipation. This tank was built by me, and holds 10g of water.  It is tied into the main filtration of my reef, and is lit with a Evolution LED fixture from Reefkoi. These pictures were taken under only white LEDs, with the blues turned off.


Acropora sp. from Sea World San Antonio


Teardrop Maxima


Montipora vericosa from Sea World


Favia coral


Unknown Acropora sp.


A few black suncoral polyps




Peppermint shrimp stealing food during feeding time.

Last weekend, I picked up some new frags, including this one below. It's a red acropora, which was just dipped for parasites before being placed in the frag tank. The safest spot? On top of the montipora. lol


Montipora vericosa


Psammacora sp.


Mini carpet anemones, way smaller than "maxi minis".


And finally, the late night jewel of my frag tank...

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