A clean way to store RO/DI water for your aquarium.
Custom-made sizes to replenish evaporation with RO/DI water.
Black acrylic towers to hide your plumbing
Left and Right Corner Overflows, 3-sided Center Overflow (pictured), Floating Surface overflows ... custom built to your specifications.
150 Gallons Per Day
Stop hauling water back from the store. Filter enough water for even the largest tanks conveniently at home.
Get one of each!
Get a couple of new super soft t-shirts for your collection.  Pre-shrunk sizing.
For limited time only!
Reduce disease-causing bacteria and parasites.  Stop them before they get into your tank!

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Decades ago, hobbyists would cycle their new tank with a sacrificial fish, like a blue damsel. While this method may still be used by some, it's not a good plan for two reasons: 1) as the ammonia rises in the water, the fish's gills are burned by the rising ammonia levels which is unkind, and 2) most people don't want the damsel in their aquarium later because it's deemed too aggressive to other livestock.   Once you fill up your aquarium with saltwater, powerheads, a heater and perhaps add sand for substrate, the next step is to "cycle" your tank.  The purpose...