Marineland's custom Starphire Aquarium

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I asked them for my dream tank, and they built it. 

The 400g Starphire glass tank is 84" long by 36" wide by 30" tall, and has a full width external overflow at one end that is completely hidden by a black acrylic panel. All the seams are bonded with black silicone. Black trim wrap the base and top rim of the tank. I wanted euro-bracing and no cross braces. The external overflow has four 1.5" drains.  This is the lst custom-made Marineland tank built. I used a powdercoated steel stand to maximize space underneath for better access.

The clean look is visually appealing.

I asked that the black plastic trim wrap the full length of the tank to include the external overflow for a more polished complete look.

The overflow area will get a black acrylic lid to prevent nuisance algae from growing within.

Four 1.5" bulkheads provide plenty of drainage.  Three drains lead to the skimmer zone, one drains into the refugium zone.

Criss-cross Eurobracing provides strength.  The laminated glass is 1" thick.

Internal perimeter bracing reinforces the walls of the tank.

All three sides are 3/4" Starphire glass.  The overflow end is standard glass, hidden behind a full sheet of black acrylic with a full-width teeth comb.

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