Deep Sand Bed

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My preference is to run a 4" or greater sandbed in my reef.

I prefer a 'deep sand bed' (DSB) for my reef tank, rather than a shallow one. When the flow moves it around, it doesn't end up with bare spots that way.  From a maintenance perspective, a DSB helps with nitrate reduction and also makes it easier to reach items in a 30" deep aquarium.  I chose to use larger grain (Tropic Eden Reef Flakes) specifically because I use Vortech pumps that can move water both with their ebb and their flow.

It's nice and clean, ready to use out of the bag.  That being said, it still doesn't hurt to rinse it out more, or at least install a filter sock to trap what comes out initially during the first couple of days. I saw tiny bits of plastic from the packaging process, which I removed as encountered. 

My bunny approves this sand too. ;)

It stays nice and clean with a good clean up crew.

Additional reading:  How to rinse out used sand when starting up a new system

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