MACNA XVII - Cool Stuff

Cool stuff I saw..


Well, not exactly new, but this cube tank had some gorgeous livestock. It has a big BubbleKing protein skimmer, and ZEOvite running in its own reactor.

The light fixture was new to the market. I saw the price list, and it ran about $2000!

Here's an interesting use of an IceCap ballast heat sink. One person converted it into a LED fixture.

It used both blue and white LEDs.

These are the LED ballasts.

This is the one-piece live rock display for the ORA tank. The sand was glued on as well, and this is where they set clams for display.

How about a nice rock background for your tank? This one is ready to use.

A couple of rock pillars would be nice for that certain tank, and with all the nooks and crannies, it would be easy to secure frags to it.

This pump is what caused the biggest commotion at MACNA. This is the VorTech. The propellar assembly fits inside the tank, and the motor fits on the outside. It uses low voltage, and has a thermal switch inside to prevent damage. It moves over 3000 gph.

The black part is the power supply for the pump. The white metal housing holds the controller.

Here it is attached to the side of the tank. The yellow balls near the base were added to show the flow through the tank. These are some that were sucked against the intake grate.

Here you can see the propellar. The motor is on the outside. Here is a 6 meg video!

And this was a little random. One guy on the escalator was happy to bump into me. It turns out he purchased, the company I've been referring people to for their float switch needs. Patrick came to MACNA to learn more about the hobby. He's already researching relays, and will be offering switches with the right relay (pictured above), plus the wiring diagram & instructions to set it up correctly. He also is researching which pumps would work best for auto top-off usage. How cool is that?

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