On 4/29/02, something new happened:  An anemone (Anemonia majano) split in two!

The first two pictures were a tad blurry, unfortunately, but you can see the shorter one spreading out.

The taller one did the same thing the next day, and now there are 4 separate ones on this one rock.

NOTE:  It turned out later that I learned these are pest anemones, that propagate quickly and eat up space. They love light and work their way up the rockwork to the peak in your tank. After having more than 40 of these little guys in a short time, I removed them all from my system to allow me to add some nice SPS corals instead.

During May and June 2003, a few new ones cropped up and quickly made a "Majano Patch" in one section of my tank. Another reefer asked me to ship some to him, so these specimens were put in solitary confinement before they shipped the next day. The rest were... ahem... removed. As of now, I believe my tank is Majano-free! :)

I've been asked how they were removed. My system was to boil some RO water (rather than tap water), and suck this up into a syringe. Injecting each majano with boiling water allowed me to scrape them off one by one with a dental tool. Some were siphoned out with thin flexible tubing. In the meantime, a product called "Joe's Juice" promises to kill majanos without detriment to the reef. I've not tried it myself since these are no longer in my tanks.