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Vortech Cradle supports the motor on the outside of the aquarium
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Vortech Cradle

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Keep the motor in place when you have to remove the wetside for cleaning.



The Vortech Cradle was designed to hold the motor on the side of the tank in a cleaner fashion.  

If the cable fasteners (included with new pumps) let go, the acrylic Vortech Cradle will hold the pump safely.  ** We still strongly recommend you re-affix the power cord to the aquarium for added security.

When it's time to clean the wetside of the Vortech pump, once that half has been removed, the motor on the outside of the tank may drop. The Vortech Cradle keeps in in place, so you won't have to use both hands to align the two halves. Simply take the clean wetside and place it back where it normally goes.

The Vortech Cradle comes with a clear adhesive pad that adheres to the aquarium and looks great. Clean the area first, place the Vortech pump where it you like, then carefully press the Vortech Cradle into place around it. 

At this time, these are only made for Mp60s, but Mp40s will be made soon.