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Here is a coral many people fall in love with, but it needs some TLC to keep it alive and happy. These grow in ocean caves, typically upside down. I got this Sun Coral - Tubastrea - in a trade with a club member, feeding it nearly daily with mysis shrimp. Because my clownfish seem to think my hand is dangerous and nip at me, I've created a feeder with a turkey baster and a length of flexible tubing to drizzle the thawed food over each polyp. Feedings take about 15 minutes, and I turn off the pumps while doing so. My Target Mandarin has been cruising over each evening to eat some of the mysis, as does my Regal Tang. To see more pictures and two must-read articles, please read this page before purchasing this coral.  For easier feedings, it might be best to keep them in a species tank.