Sebae Anemone - Heteractis malu

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The Sebae anemone (Heteractis malu) is a lovely addition to a reef tank, but be aware it may eat some fish out of your system.  My anthias disappeared, and I never found any bodies.  The anemone got larger and larger though, and I never feed it directly. Correlation? hehe  The Sebae anemone prefers to bury its foot through the sandbed and attach to the bottom panel of the aquarium rather than latch onto rockwork. When I purchased this specimen in 2014 at our club's Next Wave event, it was sold to me as a "funny looking bubble tip anemone."  I love BTAs and thought I'd love to have another color in my Anemone Cube.  However, it was treated like a step-child in that aquarium, and crawled off into a corner away from all the BTAs.  As it shrunk in size, I worried it was suffering from alleopathy (chemical warfare basically).  I moved it into my 400g reef in a great spot, but within a few months it moved to the front of my tank as pictured. Sebae anemones are often recognized by the light blue tips of each tentacle.

I added a harem of Tangerine Skunk Clownfish in February 2015, and they have been happy ever since. It's a safe choice for a reef, far safer than a carpet anemone.