Rock Anemone

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The Rock Anemone (or Flower Anemone) is an interesting creature. It likes meaty foods, but doesn't grow much larger than 4" in diameter. The base is locked firmly in a crevice, but it changes shape quite quickly. During feedings, the mouth enlarges and resembles two lips. They come in various colors - I've seen brown/green, light green, and orange. It is quite sticky and will eat anything that ventures too closely.  

You have to admit, the Rock Anemone (above) looks like it is posing for this shot. Whether it is saying "Feed me!", "Kiss me!", or just plain smiling, it sure is cute. These don't need to be target fed, as they trap whatever food floats by during daily feedings. This one was hidden in the back of the rockwork, but I moved it to the front of the tank. Good growth and nice coloration. Reef-safe, unless it eats something you care about. ;) Below, here's another one stretching out to bask in the lighting.