Ricordea mushrooms

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This colorful corals are called Ricordea - Ricordea florida - and they are beauties. Keeping them in a reef tank, they will spread across the rockwork without any assistance on your part. For some reefkeepers, rics are easy to keep but for me they've always been challenging.

I spotted these during a dive trip in October 2016 to the Dominican Republic. They blended into the reef so I was really excited to spot them at 30' deep, and even more excited to get a good picture of them myself.

These two Ricordeas will attach to the rockwork thanks to the netting material that holds them in place for the first week or so. The light blue one in the foreground hides the larger light green one. These are more bubbly than others I've seen, and the green one does have a yellow mouth - when I can see it.

Ricordeas are a nice addition to a reef tank. There are so many different kinds and colors, and some grow slowly and some grow quickly. They can eat solid foods by stretching their small mouthes. These prefer being attached to something solid like rockwork. There's an electric green Ricordea to the right... wish I'd gotten a better angle on that one.

This multi-colored Ricordea was a must-have during one trip to the LFS. The orange morphs to blue, with a blue-green mouth! If it does well and makes many clones of itself, it will add nice color to any reef. Reef-safe.

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