Powder Blue Tang

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The Powder Blue Tang - Acanthurus leucosternon  - is relatively tough to keep for many reef keepers. This one came with my 280g tank, and was very thin at that time. I fed Nori every day, and he was always second in line to start eating the dried seaweed clipped to the glass. Later, he began nipping at the green star polyps and the Toadstool Leather. By increasing the food offerings, this declined somewhat. The Powder Blue became much thicker, and very healthy. Every night it was excited to get more meaty foods during the evening feeding. People tend to call this fish an 'ich magnet' because they are so hard to keep and break out with signs of ich when stressed. If you decide to keep one of these fish, be considerate in giving it a big tank that is at least 6' long, feed it well and feed it often. Reef-safe.