Percula Clown eggs

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After seven years in the hobby, I was been rewarded with the sight of Clownfish eggs in my reef tank. What makes this story unique is that the parents are not even the same species! The larger female clownfish (near the eggs) is a seven year old True Percula, and the smaller male clownfish (above the eggs) is an A. Ocellaris (False Percula) that is only one and a half years old. For some reason this unlikely match has not only accepted one another and have been a pair for a year, but continued producing eggs about every two weeks. I've not been able to capture any of the released fry yet, but thought about trying to raise some of the eggs. The eggs are bright orange on the first day or so, but then turn brown over the next few days. When they turn silvery and the eyes are visible, they are near hatching. 2 minute Video (8 megs)