Orange Mandarinfish

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In January '04, our club meeting at one LFS scored me this lovely fish. It is an Orange Mandarin. I'd never seen or heard of one this color, but I did have a Green Target Mandarin that might like a mate. This female was chased by the other for months, and I thought they'd never get along, but finally they cruised the 55g each day searching for food. Because of the fish I kept, I also hatched live brine shrimp every 48 hours to assure the Mandarins had live food. She continued to look fat and happy, but her coloration later faded somewhat to a greenish color, though not as vivid green as the Target Mandarin. My guess is that orange was a juvenile pigmentation. Reef-safe.

This fish was later added to my 280g reef with the other mandarins, and ate from the Mandarin Diner.  Eventually she died, but not due to a lack of food; rather she looked like she was ready to burst a seam.  I still miss this fish.

This video shows her briefly toward the end of the clip: 


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