Naso Tang

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This is a Naso Tang - Naso lituratus - that came with my 280g reef tank in 2004. I couldn't give her away, so beautiful was she... I named her Spock due to her vulcan eyebrows. This fish is very friendly and loves to draw near when I approach the tank. Many times she gets in front of the lens during a photo-session, wanting her picture taken I'm sure. This fish grows very large in the wild, as much as 15" long, and even my giant reef seems too small for her at times. Tangs should be fed often as they forage for food all day long in the ocean. Clipping Nori (dried seaweed) to the glass in the morning should be your routine, and then another feeding session in the evening. Tangs are herbivores, but will eat meaty foods as well. Reef-safe, as long as it is a BIG tank! :)

Spock tears into Nori, but is happy to consume krill, mouthfuls of mysid shrimp, and on occasion some mashed up banana. The other fish are quick to copy her when I add some banana to the reef. She also does like valonia, if she can get to it. I've held frags up in the water column so she could nibble off any nuisance bubble algae. 

Another name for this fish is a Lipstick Tang. Males have long streamers coming off their tale, while females have a very sharp arc-shape instead. Spock has exhibited both over the years, so I don't know the sex of this fish for sure. Half female, half male... who knows. ;)

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