Magenta Dottyback

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At a club meeting, we won this Magenta Dottyback - Pseudochromis porphyreus - in the raffle. After thinking about it, we put it in the 29g reef as it seemed like the friendliest zone for it. And to our surprise, we found out this little guy is quite aggressive, often chasing away my Lemon Meringue Wrasse that was five times bigger! Still, it didn't caused any real trouble. YET. Eventually, this fish was banished to my son's 29g, where it lived with a mated pair of Gold Striped Maroon Clownfish that wouldn't be intimidated.  I don't consider this to be a reef safe fish due to its aggression.

(I need a better picture of this fish. If you have one you'd like me to use, contact me.)