Giant Carpet Anemone

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Some comments by Michael: "The Gigantic Sea Anemone - Stichodactyla gigantea - loves warmer water (84 - 86F), and will move often if not feed. I feed mine 5 silversides a week. Intense lighting is a must (250w HQI 20,000K AB Metal Halide is what I use now), and weekly water changes. I believe clownfish are the key to keeping this anemone, because they seem to clean it daily and even bring it food. When hungry, the anemone contracts its tentacles and vibrates. Good varied flow seems to be ideal, but not directly on the anemone. I use RO/DI water, B-Ionic, and run carbon and Phosban on this tank, as well as a protein skimmer." Michael has observed good growth over a seven-month period. More info

Photo by Michael Iezza (trueblackpercula)

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