Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp

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This interesting pair live together. The Yasha Goby - Stonogobiops yasha - guards and signals the Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp - Alpheus randalli - when it is safe and when it is time to duck for cover. The shrimp always keeps at least one antennae on the fish, and when it feels a sudden twitch it knows to retreat into its hole in the sand.

Comments by William: "They are tiny - the shrimp is about .75" and the goby 1.25" so their small size makes feeding difficult. They would probably be able to live off of pods alone in any decent sized tank but I have found that they will eat Cyclop-Eeze.

Add the Shirmp to the aquarium and allow him to construct a burrow. 24 hours later add the goby. Place it in the tank so it is forced to swim into the shrimp's burrow.

The shrimp is blind and the goby can't dig. So, they pair up and together they have all the necessary skills to survive: the shrimp maintains the burrow and the goby warns the shrimp of predators.

You could pair this goby with any pistol shrimp or put the shrimp with any goby but their colours compliment each other in such a way that I think this is the perfect pairing." Photo By William Heaton