Blue Tort Acropora

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The Blue Tort Acropora - Acropora tortuosa - can grow into a beautiful mass creating an appealing profile along the top area of your rockwork.  Blue tort are in the staghorn family, and are very popular due to their vivid color. I've had the worst luck keeping this easy coral, earning me the nickname the Tort Slayer. I'd really like to grow a big colony one day. There are different variations of this species. Some are more blue, some have hints of green.

They aren't impossible to find, but are slow growers and usually cost a pretty penny to acquire. The piece below is about 1" tall, and would cost about $45.00. This blue coral with green polyps adds vivid color to any reef tank, and is worth every cent. :) ORA aqua-cultures this coral, which means it is grown in captivity for the hobby trade and are not harvested from the world's reefs. This piece has smaller branches growing out along the base, which is a good sign of a healthy frag.