Biscuit Starfish

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The Biscuit Starfish (Pentagonaster duebeni) is a neat discovery that Mitchell found in his live rock when setting up his tank. It hitched a ride into the aquarium, and survived without proper acclimation since it was unseen. It's normal diet is sponges, bryozoans and sea squirts, so keeping it fed may prove difficult but it will graze on live rock. The more live rock, the better. This species can be found from the warmer waters of Western Australia all the way to Queensland. Whether it is reef-safe or not remains to be seen, but Mitchell noted that he "hadn't seen it attempt to eat anything it shouldn't; it stayed away from corals, and kept to itself... It took it a long time before it felt comfortable to come out in the open during the day."

Photo by Mitchell Couchman (OwNeD162)