The anemone isn't well

The BTA still doesn't look too happy. I think the move from the older tank to the new one was pretty taxing on it. It did take a little food, but....

I'll do some water tests to see if there are any issues that I can pinpoint.

A new SPS

I was at my LFS this evening, and decided I couldn't pass up this acropora. The color was a golden yellow under MH, and it was a nice colony size (~5"). He'd had it about 3 weeks and it still had all its color.

The Golden Acropora is in my 55g under MH lighting.

Those Maroon clowns should be happier

My son's tank came out really nice with the new canopy (VHO lighting). Because of the many fine scratches on the front glass, I reversed the tank and now the front is the former rear glass. This doesn't have any scratches that I could notice, so viewing the fish & invertebrates will be enjoyable again. I'll add some pictures later to show off the new home the GSM Clowns are exploring.

For now, I put a Remora Pro on that tank with a Mag 5, which is rediculously overkill, but I doubt that any micro algae will grow. LOL

New growth appearing

While studying the 55g closely, I found new growth of the blue Milleopora on the LR it had been touching until recently. I think the sand shifted and caused the rockwork to move somewhat, and the colony no longer is in contact with that spot, but it looks like I may get a separate colony one day. As of now, it is about the size of a dime or less, but the color and the hair-like polyps are unmistakeable.

Kalkwasser - be cautious even after rinsing area

Word to the wise: Be very careful with kalkwasser in your main tank. I mixed up a paste of pickling lime to kill one large aiptasia. I drew this mixture up into a syringe, pulled the rock out of the tank and proceeded to inject the vile beast until it resembled black tar. Then I rinsed the spot with another syringe of water.

Chemi-Clean works like promised

Chemi Clean works! I've always avoided using chemicals to remove problems, but the cyano bacteria simply would not go away entirely. I'd lost a couple of frags to this algae, and done all the normal things to avoid fueling it any more. I cleaned the skimmer regularly, used a turkey baster to blow off the stuff anywhere I saw it, and even siphoned out what I could see on the DSB and rockwork.

Those snails did what?

A very sad occurance.... I had a beautiful baby gold Maxima clam shipped to me from a friend in another state, which I carefully acclimated to my tank for a couple of hours. I placed this 1.5" clam on an empty shell in the center of the rockwork in my 55g under MH lighting.