5 years, 9 months update

Today, the reef hits another monthly anniversary, and in three months there will be a full coverage video update to show all the changes that have happened as the reef turns 6 years old.

We are in August now, which is always the hottest month in Texas. Average temperature tends to be between 79° and 81° daily. 

Securely install electrical inside your stand

If you want to install some electrical items over open water, such as within the canopy or inside the aquarium stand, you probably have tried a few different options to run wires. It might hold for a while, but what about long term? These inexpensive sticky pads combined with some wood screws can be very trustworthy, and it will look like a nice clean install too.

Where things are today...

It's been another month.  The 400g has been running for 5 years and 7 months as of tomorrow. I've been dosing 40 ml of Nopox daily for 58 days. It looks like nitrate is finally approaching 10 ppm (looks like 15 ppm today via API), down from 50 ppm.  Phosphates measured .1 ppm (Elos)

Trident testing - after 8 weeks

Eight weeks ago, I installed the Trident automatic tester to my 400g reef. It is made for the Apex controller.  Four times a day, the machine whirrs to life and measures alkalinity, calcium and magnesium.  I tend to check the numbers constantly, and know the results are usually less than six hours old.  It's allowed me to be "lazy, yet informed" and I love it.

Something old, something new

Years ago, our club's president handed me a coral dip sample from Fauna Marin.  Turned out to be gold in a vial but I couldn't get more of it.  I remember it working so well, but I figured it must have been a one-time thing that picked up zero traction and never made it to market.  Fast forward a decade or more, I stumbled upon one of those vials in my massive aquarium-related stash of things. I was in cleaning-mode and threw out a lot of stuff that I'd been hoarding far too long, due to my "what if I need this some day?" mentality.

We haven't had a picture blog in a while

The weather today is cold and wet, so I decided to break out the macro lens and take a few pictures today. First off, here's the new frag I picked up a few days ago, a Montipora digitata. I decided to part it in a section of dead skeleton for now where I knew nothing would touch it.  I may have to move it so the Sebae doesn't tentacle it to death, but for now it looks great.

When your protein skimmer keeps overflowing, try this

From time to time our protein skimmers decide to overflow constantly, usually right back into the sump or even worse all over the cabinet and nearby floor. Typically this is caused by adding something to the water, like Chemi-Clean/RedCyano Rx, or it perhaps a food like Reefbooster. Skimmers also can be affected by changes in weather when the barometric pressure drops in your area. Another cause could be the use of new filter socks.

Oooh, that's chilly!

I discovered a missing line in my Apex code tonight. It's programming is coded to have it notify me via alarm, email and push notification if the tank gets too cold. That would be for my 400g. However, I never added an extra line of code for the separate frag system. Oops! Three years later, I find this out.  Wow.