Sump - Model J

Dimensions: 40" x 14" x 16" (holds 34 gallons to the top)

The sump holds the ASM skimmer, a refugium, a LR zone, bubble trap & float switch to maintain the water level.

This sump is built with 3/8 acrylic, and a top flange was unnecessary as it maintained its shape perfectly.

The area under the teeth is a Live Rock zone, right before the bubble trap. Water from the refugium and from the skimmer section will pour into this area before it travels to the return section (on the left).

A top view allows you to see the refugium in the rear of the sump. Some water will drain into the refugium.

Water will enter in the rear corner behind the skimmer. (Explained further below)

The small chamber is 2.5" by 2.5". Water will drain into this spot to trap the majority of the bubbles. It will then overflow into the skimmer section, then over the baffle into the LR zone. Next, water travels through the bubble trap, and into the return area where it can be pumped back up to the tank.

The sump was drilled for a 1.5" bulkhead so an external return pump could be used. The bubble trap baffles are 1" apart, with the center baffle 1.5" off the floor of the sump.

A float switch bracket is mounted in the back corner, well above the bulkhead. An elbow can be inserted into the bulkhead to draw water from the lowest point in the sump.

I had to patch a spot where one of the teeth shattered while routing. I used 1/8" acrylic to mend the area. Things happen, and while it isn't pretty, sometimes you just have to make adjustments.