The importance of hoarding

Two different medias in this picture

After making myself (literally) do all my water testing today on both systems, I'm quickly reminded why I prefer to only run one reef at a time. Those people that run multiple tanks or frag systems deserve heavy praise for being able to keep so many separate systems thriving. I noticed some bits of corals turning white in my reef, but I kept blaming it on shade rather than a water quality issue. Today, I ran through all the Elos test kits, twice since I have to measure the 400g reef as well as the 60g frag system.

It's Friday Night!

While most would get excited to go out on a Friday night, I instead stayed in and tinkered with my reefs.  Reefkeeping needs attentiveness, and tonight was one of those nights where I needed to address specific needs, or lose corals.  

Last time I tested the water in the frag system, Calcium was much too high, Magnesium wasn't where I wanted it, and Alkalinity was low. My dosing container had a bunch of white snow in the calcium section which didn't completely dissolve. Once Mg ran out, and Ca was nearly empty, I just had to wait for the alkalinity to be used up. The last couple of days, a couple of frags went south but I didn't put two and two together. All the alkalinity was gone.

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