Aaron's 90g SPS Reef

Aaron goes by bmwaaron on ReefCentral

This is the final installment of the tank tour: Aaron (bmwaaron) has a beautiful reef, uses the Tunze Wavebox & 12,000K Reeflux bulbs. A closet behind the tank is his fishroom. Under the tank, a sump and skimmer provide filtration.

For some reason, my camera really didn't work well with his lighting. I tried to adjust the white balance, but something kept throwing it off. Thus, you'll see various color combinations of the same corals. Some pictures were taken from above with a top down photo box, and the VHOs were unplugged, again changing the colors of the corals.

Full tank shots 

John at Kingfish Aquariums

The next stop was visiting Kingfish Aquariums. John (thedude15810 on ReefCentral) opened up after hours to give us a tour of the livestock area. This store is in a business district or complex, so you need to know where you're going to find it.

Here's John, happy to ring up a sale. 

Brian 300g Starphire A.G.E. Reef

Brian goes by MakoJ on ReefCentral, and is president of MAAST

4 X 400W 10k Reeflux's and the tank has been running since 1/04/2007

Brian is the president of MAAST, and has a beautiful tank. It is lit with four 400w 10,000K Reeflux bulbs in Luminarc III reflectors. The tank has an external overflow. It is built inwall with a fishroom behind it, and all kinds of cool equipment hooked up. My favorite is the laptop mounted on a wall within the fishroom. This tank has been running since Jan 2007, an upgrade from a 150g and a 75g combined.

For some reason, I never took a full tank shot. I guess I was too busy enjoying the corals and pizza. 

Mike's 450g office tank

Dudester's Diary Thread on ReefCentral

Mike's tank is located in the waiting room at his office, and can be viewed from three sides. The water drains at the far end, which is adjacent to a fishroom that houses all the equipment. Lighting is 3 x 400w 10,000K bulbs, with VHO actinic supplementation. A huge sump was shoehorned under the tank, and at this time a refugium is not incorporated. A Tunze Wavebox provides back-n-forth motion, and a closed loop creates the flow.

Mike with his daughter 

Dallis' & Marcus' 600g tank

Marcus is GMFett on ReefCentral

Two reefers share this tank, and are both going to college studying to be lawyers. Dividing the costs between themselves, they've created a beautiful piece of the ocean. The tank is lit with three 400w 12,000K Reeflux bulbs in Luminarc III reflectors. Two Tunze Waveboxe and motion, while several Stream pumps create in-tank flow. The tank is acrylic, with several cross braces, and the huge canopy is secured to the ceiling, barely floating above the top of the tank. All kinds of Deltec gear keep the water clean, and a closed loop helps move all the water around as well.

Here are a few full tank shots, since it can be viewed from 3 sides. 

Gabriel's 125 gallon Reef

Gabriel's tank is a 125g system. It has an external overflow, Seio and Korallia pumps for flow, and some DIY reflectors to get the most out of the MH lighting.

Full tank shot 

Andrew's 125 gallon A.G.E. Starphire Tank

He has a 125g AGE Starfire system with external overflow, Tunze Wavebox, and 12000K Reeflux lighting. He is the current president of the Austin Reef Club.

Full tank 

Joseph Le's tanks - Austin, Tx

Here are pictures from Joseph Le's tanks. His main 125 gallon reef was lit with 12000K and 14000K Metal Halide bulbs. I tried a few white balance settings, but decided to just take the pictures and not worry about getting it exactly right. The corals look pretty darn nice to me. Included are images from two other tanks he has running as well. Their lighting was different, so images will vary in coloration.

Acanthastrea macro

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