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Angled Speed Fit valve


This valve installs under the sink on the cold water line to install 1/4" tubing to an RO/DI system.

Simply unscrew the hose that runs from the cold water line, install this fitting and reconnect the hose. Then install the 1/4" tubing into the Speed Fit fitting.  The blue handle allows you to stop the feed to the RO system when filters need to be changed, or when you go out of town.


Locline Assembly - 3/4"


3/4" ID Locline Assembly  

This 6" section of locline comes complete with rounded tip and 3/4" MPT connector to screw into a PVC elbow fitting.

Point the flow where it works best in your aquarium.  

Helpful hints:

  • It is best to keep the locline fully submerged to avoid venturi-caused microbubbles.
  • Drill anti-siphon holes 1/2" beneath the normal water level's surface to reduce volume of water that drains during a power outage.
  • Can be shortened or extended by adding or removing individual segments.
  • Teflon tape should be used if threaded connection isn't fully submerged.

Schedule 40 Bulkheads


Purchasing bulkheads is easy when you know what fits and how you want to connect it.  Please look at your options, then select size and style to add to your cart.

Comes in four styles:

  • Slip / Slip
  • Threaded / Threaded
  • Slip / Threaded
  • Threaded / Slip 


Hole Size for bulkhead:

  • 1" Schedule 40 Black Bulkhead fits a 1 3/4" hole.  The 1" measurement is the inner diameter; it matches 1" plumbing.
  • 1.5" Schedule 40 Black Bulkhead fits a 2 3/8" hole.  The 1.5" measurement is the inner diameter; it matches 1.5" plumbing.
  • 2" Schedule 40 Black Bulkhead fits a 3" hole.  The 2" measurement is the inner diameter; it matches 2" plumbing.



Size of bulkhead

Style of Bulkhead

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