About Melev's Reef

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With over 15 years of research and personal experience in the saltwater hobby, I've documented just about everything I've encountered to allow others to enjoy similar success.  An abundance of information is available for your consideration, and my continued goal is to help reef keepers steer clear of preventable accidents so their livestock can thrive for years to come.  With this knowledge, you can put into practice methods that yield excellent results.

The new version of this site will hopefully be interesting to navigate. The drop down menus contain paths to take you to specific topics, and the site map and Search engine should locate just about any other content you seek. Social media links allow you to easily share what you find of interest, and you can subscribe to specific pages via RSS.

What allows me to share this information freely is my Reef Shop.  Sales of these products I offer pays the bills and gives me the freedom to continually add new content, and I thank you for your business. As I planned for the expansion of products I'd like to carry, I made the conscious decision to sell the very items I use myself on a regular basis.  These are the products I recommend based upon my own experiences with their usefulness.    -- Marc

Marc at his RO/DI warehouse
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