Sep 2017

Pictures from above

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Two days ago I took a few pictures of the corals from the side of the tank, but today I wanted to get a few images from above as well. However, the lenses I have require a minimum focal length that frustrates my process. Basically, the corals are too close to the lens for it to focus. Shooting from the side of the tank with a tripod, I can back up slightly to get that perfect distance for a good shot, but from above there isn't much room.  I'm going to try out a new lens soon and see if that works because I love shooting from above.

The anemones spawned recently, and for the past couple of days I've seen some dusty brown stuff building up on the sandbed here and there. I cleaned the skimmer well, but it may need to get another water change done.  Two Co2 cylinders were refilled today for the calcium reactor's needs. I like to have one cylinder hooked up, and a second one full for a backup. Rarely do you run out of Co2 at a good time. 

Enjoy the pictures.

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