Dec 2016

A new refugium bulb?

By: melev | Tags: refugium, bulb | Comments: 0

During a recent trip to Home Depot, I looked through the LED bulbs seeking a new refugium bulb to use on the frag system's fuge. I found this one rated 5000 Kelvin, and the shape of the bulb looks promising. The bulb cost $14 and uses 8 watts. 

I'll be testing it out shortly and see how it works out. I wanted the light to shine directly down and not spread outwards, and this flat lens may do just that. I picked up a clamping light socket for $5, but will end up only using the socket and cord. I'll secure it to the underside of the wooden stand's top section to keep the light in the right position.

If necessary, I'll add some black foam to create a shade barrier so the light doesn't grow nuisance algae in the rest of the sump or skimmer.

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