When visiting the LFS...

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When visiting the LFS...

Today's club event took place at Saltwater Paradise. I made the trip across town not only to attend, but to do a PAR meter demonstration using the brand new Apogee meter for everyone in attendance.  This meter is the latest model, designed to measure LED lighting as well as metal halides and T5 bulbs.  MQ-500 PAR meter

Perusing the various tanks, I quickly saw at least one item I had to have, and that was a nice healthy yet small Hippo tang. For the last few months, I've wanted to get one for the Anemone Cube - in part because of the movie Finding Dory that is releasing in theaters next month. Plus I loved the idea of one hippo with 17 clownfish. Of course, once I decided on that purchase, I ended up adding a few more things...

Check out this really cool one-of-a-kind display, a stainless steel stand and canopy. One of the customers of Saltwater Paradise is a welder and said he wanted to make them something special.  All the panels stay in place with magnets, but can be removed for full access from all four sides. The store maintains the beautiful finish by wiping it down with lemon oil (only available at restaurant supply stores), and it's holding up beautifully.

Here's something I've been thinking about today, while I'm on the topic of spending money at the LFS (local fish store, for those of you that are new to the hobby):

When you go to your local fish store, do you go there looking to spend money and support your LFS? Or do you merely browse to see what you may want? The reason I ask is because I usually go to the LFS looking to buy. I want to support them, even if my purchase is small. By spending our money there, it helps keep their doors open so they will be there when you suddenly have a tank emergency.

Being a business owner myself, I have the ability to get things wholesale. And whenever I buy something from a fish store, they very often thank me for supporting them since they know I have other (less expensive) options. It's a good thing to build this back-and-forth financial momentum. In my mind, it's our way to move the money around, from our hand to their hand. And if everything works out, it gets back to you again... maybe not in the form of cash but definitely in good will and a desire to work with you.

I love saving money when I can, but I think there's a time for that. And I think there's a good reason to support our LFS as well. So back to my question, do you feel when you buy something that you are helping the store stay strong, or are you just there to buy a new fish and don't think anything beyond just that? Just some food for thought.

Here are some things I bought today at this LFS in Irving, Texas.

A twin spot goby.

A highfin goby and shrimp, paired up and already in their brand new burrow tonight.

And Dory, as mentioned at the onset.

All the fish were placed in Safety Stop for their double 45-minute bath, and then added by hand to the 60 Anemone Cube.  The shrimp-goby pair were placed in a cup together and lowered into the tank, poured out exactly where I wanted them to make a spot for themselves, which worked out at the moment. I won't be surprised if they move elsewhere; I just hope it's somewhere where I can still watch their antics.