RBTA on the move

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RBTA on the move

If a bubble tip anemone moves, that can make a hobbyist nervous.  It could sting some corals, or get sucked into a pump's intake. In my anemone cube, that's nearly impossible.  Today's event was amusing because not only was the creature shifting to a potentially better spot, but the clownfish were going along for the ride. They were unwilling to accept the change, even though there are plenty of stationary bubble tips available throughout the tank.  Here are a series of pictures from this evening's meanderings. 

Note the protective sponge I keep on the Vortech pump.  This is removed daily when I feed the tank for a quick rinse in the sink.

The base of the foot isn't something you see too often.

It seems like it may end up pretty much where it started after all.  Hope the clownfish enjoyed the view.