The cycle is over; fish added; new video

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The cycle is over; fish added; new video

After 21 days, the tank finally measured 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5 ppm nitrate.  Good enough for me, and the Red Spot Glass Cardinalfish.  I filmed their introduction for an upcoming video, but here's a picture of them in the tank. They are eating well, which is perfect. They were ordered from Live Aquaria's Divers Den, and arrived in a well packed box.

The next thing that it needs is lights. I had to install a shelf to hang the lights from, and that's done now.

The SmartATO Mini arrived, as well as the three Icecap dosers I'll be using for alkalinity-calcium-magnesium dosing.  I still have to get all the electrical off the floor and tidied up. 

A short Unboxing video is available on my Youtube channel and another one is coming very soon.