Back to back shows

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Back to back shows

For the past two weekends, a big Melev's Reef booth was set up to tell others about the new site, the new products available for purchase, and to meet and greet with fellow reef enthusiasts. Logistically, getting a booth set up in time before the doors open can be challenging but it is always rewarding.

A week ago, my booth was set up in Orlando at Reefapalooza for two days.  It was nice to chat with people on the east coast, and I appreciated all those individuals that made it a point to thank me for my website's shared content that helped them with their tank needs. Hearing those words never gets old, and its a great feeling to know these articles are valued.

As soon as the show ended, everything had to be carefully packed and shipped back to Texas in time for the Next Wave conference my local club was putting on.  Fortunately everything arrived on time intact. While the pallet traveled across state lines, I was busy building more RO/DI systems and acrylic wares.

More people are making note that you can purchase Ecotech products from Melev's Reef.  It's not a secret - tell others. 

Now that these shows are behind us, it's back to business as usual.  It'll be nice to stay in town and glue up more sumps and other custom orders.  Be sure to watch for new products that will be added to the shop in the next two weeks.  Remember, if I like something and use it, it will likely be sold from the shop.