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From 2006-2009. Evan and I did a podcast for personal entertainment and to offer audio-based knowledge to other reefkeepers.  Some would listen while driving, others while they did water changes or similar mundane tasks.  It was a blast.  I'm hosting the files on my site.

Our first show back in January 2006. It was a learning experience for the two of us, but soon after we had emails pouring in requesting more. After a brief introduction, we discussed what a podcast is, and got into the topic of phosphates for a duration. The show wrapped up with some good resources for listeners to turn to, such as finding a local club via

By the second show, we already replaced our microphone with a better one. It sounded much better, which is important when the show is audio, right? ;) The main topic was purchasing dry goods from online vendors. A DIY Phytoplankton recipe was explained, and a cool thread about reef videos was reviewed, and I talked about Tunze Stream pumps.

In this show, we talked about the importance of water testing. The new VorTech pump was reviewed, and then we listed some options to automate topping off our tanks. The show wrapped up with a good discussion about mandarins and their care.

By our fourth show, we were on a roll. We explained why reverse osmosis de-ionized (RO/DI) water was key to a successful tank. How to be prepared for an emergency was the highlight of the airing, then we had a quick review of the Kill-O-Watt device. The Longnosed Hawkfish was discussed, Next Wave '06 was highlighted, and Evan entertained us with a fishy taste test.

Episode 5: Part Deux. The first was so bad (too much booze), we re-did it. Evan and I talked about bashing vendors online, and suggested hobbyists try to be more reasonable. Our fish of topic was the Powder Blue Tang. Evan shared his impression of refractometers, then we did a vidcast of his taste test. The new contest was introduced. PEX tubing was considered for our hobby.

If you've wanted to try to make your own fish food, here's my recipe. Video is always nicer than having to read it, and you'll have a better comprehension of how it works.

Don't believe that Evan is really tasting fish food? See it for yourself... You've been warned!



Our fish of topic was the Six Line Wrasse, then we reviewed the IceCap VHO ballasts. Green hair algae was identified, what causes it and how to erradicate it from your tank. We answered a question from one of our listeners, and the show ended with some bloopers. Actually, most of our shows end with some funny outtakes, so don't walk out during the credits. ;)

How many times can Evan apologize? Can you even count them all? Everything you wanted to know about refugiums was the key topic of this show. The fish we choose this week was the Dispar Anthias. News of the Biosphere (Oracle, AZ) being sold was another topic, and of course we talked about the upcoming MACNA conference.

Explaining why I quarantine new fish, we cover some benefits or perks in doing so. While slighty toasted, we counted the Jelly Belly Flops for the contest. Propagation was a key topic this episode, along with a small variety of other subjects such as bare-bottom tanks. We answer a question from a listener about a starving fish.

The show starts off with a discussion of Pinched Mantle Disease (clam issue), then we reviewed the True Percula clownfish. We answered a question about hiding a closed loop, and got into the topic about calcium reactors as well as home-made DIY two part additives. We wrapped up with some newsy items.

Ever wished you could catch a fish in your tank? Watch this vidcast of how we caught Tucker in the Tucker Trapper II. :) It took so long to edit that we made it an official episode. It is shot in real time; no editing tricks were implemented. You'll have to endure it like we did, all 94 megs worth. ;)

This was our very first interview via Skype, and we chose to talk with TippyToeX. She's the founder of the Las Vegas Valley Reefers and knows all about breeding clownfish. If you've considered raising your own fry, this show's for you!

This time we interviewed Kim Lowe, the vice president of MARSH, about the upcoming MACNA conference. Hear it for yourself when she promises to get Evan some special attention at the event. She also gets into a SCUBA expedition and tells us about what we can expect. Also, we rap at the beginning of this show. It won't happen again, I promise.

As many make plans to attend MACNA, we discuss some ways of bringing home livestock now that the airlines have a new "no liquids" rule implemented. We discuss the new product Red Slime Control, as well as the huge job of cleaning out my refugium. Be sure to check out our prank calls at the end of the episode.

Live from MACNA, listen to a presentation about Moon Jellyfish given by Jim Stire of Midwater Systems. We were allowed to tie into the PA system, so it sounds pretty clean.

While the rest of the attendees slept, Evan worked all night creating this awesome video of the VorTech pump's new wave action. More fun appended to the end, so watch it all the way through.

At the end of Eric Borneman's presentation about the Flower Gardens, we saw this crazy video. You've gotta see this one! 'Goniopora' by Icognito Sofa Love, courtesy of Justin and Tribe Records.

Right after MACNA concluded, I had to immediately fly to Switzerland for my grandmother's funeral. While on the plane, I edited this show from MACNA for y'all. It is a presentation about the Flower Gardens, a reef located in the Gulf of Mexico. Eric Borneman and James Wiseman are the speakers. Fortunately, you won't hear the dull roar of the jet engines that I endured. ;)

This week, we talk about the Rainsford Goby, the dangers and benefits of dripping kalkwasser, and one of my favorites - the Sun Coral. At this point, you've probably noticed we have a good time with intros and funny bits interspersed throughout the show. That's totally unplanned. Riiiight. :)

Evan vanished for too long, so I decided to put together a show myself. With the help of TippyToeX and Lunchbucket, my first full length show was produced. Photography was our focus, talking about purchasing a digital camera as well as several good tips about how to take better pictures. A new contest was introduced, a cool thread about the Great Barrier Reef was pointed to, and then we talked about how to modify your skimmer with mesh material to get much better results without spending a lot of cash.

At last the lost episode (#19) was released. Evan dusted off his harddrive and released that show. You'll note in the intro that Episode 20 came out first. Have you heard about modifying a Maxijet pump? We talk about two different ways of accomplishing this. Two interviews from MACNA are included, so hear what IceCap and EcoTech had to say. Don't miss the ending, as one listener had his Blue Grass band put together a song about Reefcast!

The rest of them and the original website's contents are here: